Victorian Etc. ~ Vol VI, Issue #2 ~ Jul 2015
"Knickers are the Bomb"

Most people relate the term Knickerbockers to New York. Whether they are speaking of a member of the the world famous New York Knicks basketball team or historically of the Manhattan 'aristocracy", Knickerbockers carries a sense of snobbery. In this issue we will pursue both the aristocratic Knickerbockers of the Victorian era and the blousy pantaloons of the same name worn throughout history.

Knickerbockers were undoubtedly a fashion statement of early 20th century America. Knickers have been extremely popular in many sporting endeavors, particularly: baseball, golf, fencing, rock climbing, cross-country skiing, and bicycling.

Knickers made a huge comeback when I was about age 15. Armed with my imagination and an old pair of corduroy trousers, I invented my own first pair of knickers. (See DIY project this issue.)

Regardless of the century, knickers have emerged repeatedly under the guise of: peddle pushers, crop pants, capris, knee pants, and short pants. Knickers are the bomb!

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