Victorian Etc. ~ Vol VI, Issue #2 ~ Jul 2015
Webutante Ball

CHAPTER TEN ~ "Your Knickers in a Knot"
"Don't get your knickers in a knot!" scolded Jay, calming Mick down with one of their most overused cliché expressions. However, it was too late for Calinda who literally flew past Mick in the doorway and fled down the hall.

"Sorry, what was that all about? I guess I scared the bejesus out of the young lass," said Mick jokingly in his best Irish accent.

Jay's burst of laughter ended abruptly with an 'owww' so painful reminder of her aching head! "Close the door and we'll talk."

She glanced at the clock beside their bed and realized that she had been asleep for most of the afternoon. Dark was looming on the horizon and the Ball was only a few precious hours away. There was much to do and even more to say to be caught up on this day.

Jay did not wish to share Calinda's warning with Mick. All's well that...oh, you know the rest.

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