Victorian Etc. ~ Vol VI, Issue #2 ~ Jul 2015
DIY "Lovin' the Knickers"

Knickers made a huge comeback when I was around 15 years old. Armed with my imagination and an old pair of corduroy trousers, I made my own first pair of knickers! Victoria

Materials: One baggy pair of corduroy pants, scissors, and sewing machine, button or buckle closures.

Measure about 4 inches below your knee (the leg band should be garter high) and cut pant legs to the appropriate length. Use excess material to make your leg bands. Sew folded material to the bottom of your pants. Close with a button or straps as shown in our image on the left.

You may now wear your pants in public and start your very own fashion trend copying the knickers from the Victorian era.

Delight in your own creation!

Why not make it a Victorian Fashion Day!

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